About Simoll

SIMOLL by its name soft looking and pleasant speaking.Its is devote to all those who are pleased for “Shower” may you find your favorite shower.Bathroom not only should create a pleasant showering effect, but an impressive interplay between water and light as well. An array of flat jet body sprays provide a pleasant body massage. The highly practical fold out foot rest solves the many challenges associated with and leg care. Without doubt a fully drenching shower after a showering massage makes you feel completely re born.Read More

Simoll Bath Innovations offer you a different variety of products that will allow you to enjoy the best moments, all thanks to the revitalizing energy of water. Simoll bathroom fittings along with wash basins, bath fittings, shower systems, shower panels as well as accessories suit the taste of every person and transform the personality of your bathroom.

Quality with luxurious design

Simple choose from best bathroom fittings products that you are looking for and get inspired by the meditative qualities of a roaring waterfall or gentle rain. Reward your bathroom by creating a personal space that makes a confident and clear statement with a collection consisting of quality, luxury as well as better design excellence.

Award-winning bathroom design

Simoll Bath Innovations is years ahead from the competitors in introducing innovative and new designs of wash basins, sanitary ware as well as shower systems in the market of India.

Our company is quick to identify the latest trends taking place in the market and believes in collaborating with the manufacturers to develop and design new products with exquisite style, unparalleled performance, best quality, and technology.

Affordable prices

Our products have the lowest price tags as compared to other top brands in India. Sanitary Fittings India supplied by us are cost-effective also through effectively employing global management techniques and timely inventory systems. The end result is our happy customers with quality bathroom products purchased at very affordable prices.

With an eye for details, all the products offered by us are made for your needs. We believe that our quality is matched the best with affordability. Simoll Bath Innovations is the global leader in the definition of bathroom space and a benchmark in the world of design.

We offer simple yet exquisite bathroom designs.